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About Eastern Knowledge of Tattoo

In fact, the most ancient there, then called the sting operation, also called the tattoo, no other color is black, thorn leaves a pattern on the skin (ancient prison, 80s, thorn surface) tattoo technology into the beauty industry and popular, and after the tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo Eyeshadow blush lip wrinkles project. Later, with the improvement of technology, product improvement, tattoo effect has also undergone a qualitative change.

For example, the first tattoo is a shaggy black or blue eyebrow, 90s with eyebrow embroidery technology, make sense of line eyebrows, looks a lot of vivid natural lot, but there are still some deficiencies, not perfect, now basically eliminated eyebrow surgery, is replaced by a floating eyebrow eyebrow is now the design technology the most close to the true state of the eyebrows, looked very real, almost no trace.

Eastern Tattoo

Now many female beauty also lost every day, choose the eyebrow eyebrow pencil, eyebrow thrush troubles, and now the technology will not stay long color, do a few years time to keep the natural metabolism off, can also have a very beautiful effect of this a few years later.

Of course, it is also invisible liner technology completely replaced the previous tattoo technology, stealth technology is a reference to the concept of international eye makeup, Eyeliner painted fine obviously brighten eyes, it is important for the line, there is no trace of feeling.

With tattooing techniques become more and more sophisticated, customers are more and more young, early in the elderly do some more, but with the continuous development of beauty industry, its artistic and aesthetic level, more and more young people began to accept the love and beauty, which is caused by the development of new technology of tattoo. Young people also need to make up the defects from the heart, to show self.

Of course there are a lot of life in Ms. Wenxiu have a lot of misunderstanding, because no new technology in this industry, knowledge is still stuck in the past, but also some industry operators have not mastered the technology has not been updated, leading to the customer after the operation effect is not very satisfactory.

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