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After tattoo color is not natural to do?

Before the color eyebrow how to do not understand after nature, we should first make clear why the color is not natural eyebrow, eyebrow color is not actually the reason of nature may be designed according to the customer the doctors don’t own eyebrows eyebrow and revealed the shape of the original plucked eyebrows, eyebrow lines from a desire when new eyebrow, eyebrow provoking expression, and a pattern eyebrow does not correspondingly move, cause after eyebrow color shallow, or two black bars from his eyebrows and tattooed on the skin, naturally not three-dimensional sense, so it is natural the eyebrows.

After tattoo color is not natural to do

After tattoo color is not natural to do? Tattoo is the best choice to improve the eyebrow, but if the color appears after eyebrow shallow may be due to the doctor is not high, operation error, the use of pigment and so on and so on cause, once appear, need to be immediately to the regular hospital for examination, at the same time find after tattoo color shallow reasons, two eyebrow repair. Restore eyebrows appearance.

3D floating eyebrow eyebrow period can be changed to change:
After tattoo color is not natural to do? 3D floating eyebrow using pure plant powder pigment. The action time lasting and effective. Due to the person’s face, temperament, body shape and the aesthetic cognition is a change in the period three to five years. After a period in the above aspects will have a certain change.

At this time, if you think the eyebrow, the original color is more suitable for them, only a complementary and sustainable three to five years. If you feel unhappy, then just can re design a eyebrow, and then according to their own needs in a more suitable for their eyebrows.

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