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Draw the ideal eyebrows! Never miss the thrush skills

Poetry said “makeup” whispered to her husband, no depth into the thrush, why don’t you understand!
If you are not the blind pursuit of fashion, must draw nowadays compaction Ping Mei, but only want to find the most suitable for their own eyebrows, with his facial proportions eyebrow drawing, so small and was going to tell you is infinite for eyebrow teaching.
How to choose the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow thrush thrush hair before? What should be noticed, look carefully!
We find a professional eyebrow

Please go to beauty salons to repair at least once! Store cosmetics counters have eyebrow services, it is difficult to make the first eyebrow for their own eyebrow and ideal, so this time, or to the professional. After the repair once can be repaired in accordance with the eyebrow, his story out of the new long hair can be complex.
Before the first eyebrow thrush, neatly combed
The thrush before, must first be neatly combed eyebrows with eyebrow brush. In addition to this action can make the eyebrow painting better, also have the effect of hyperplasia of the eyebrows! If you have trouble if sparse eyebrows, eyebrow comb that this action, maybe you can see the amazing effect.

Draw natural eyebrows what tools?
Choose close to the color of eyebrow pencil or eyebrow, try a slightly lighter than the hair color.
The eyebrows is sparse for people with a pencil, draw eyebrow and gently fill sparse parts of eyebrow, do not remember the whole eyebrow painting, to avoid the formation of natural eyebrow. Who is suitable for thick eyebrows eyebrow. Draw natural eyebrow essentials is gently swept, filled with the way, write too heavy if it is easy to cause uneven eyebrow oh!

Simple thrush tips

1, the first residue in the brow wipe off excess Foundation
At Thrushcross before, put on makeup in the eyebrows excess foundation sponged off. This can increase the adhesion of eyebrow makeup, better.
2, avoid cut off or unplug too much

The procedure must be carried out after the end of makeup, Makeup Eyebrow will trim the eyebrows too imperceptibly.
3, the correct position of the eyebrows
The face features are the proportion of eyebrows if by feeling painting, not taking into account other features configuration, naturally not coordinated. The best position to start with a straight eyebrows should be parallel with the nose.
The correct position of 4, the highest point of the eyebrows
If you want to draw the eyebrow is normal (now popular Ping Mei not included), “location on the nose and eye edge connection.

The correct position 5, the end of the eyebrows
The end of eye and mouth line, on the up position is the eyebrow tail. After painting eyebrows will eyebrow pencil in the face of gestures, it is easy to find out their own perfect proportion.
6, check the lines below the eyebrow above, with eyebrow brush with halo

To draw natural eyebrows, first at the top of the line type thrush thrush, the following can be as long as gently dizzy!

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