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Embroider the natural beauty girl smile

Even after many tattoo tattoo eyebrow tattoo with don’t know where the difference which for you. In fact, regardless of the method, compared with the tattoo eyebrow tools, there are obvious difference effect. In the use of tools, the tattoo is “single needle” or “three needle”, plus auxiliary electric tools, by the needle marks on the skin pigment, such as a tattoo and eyebrow embroidery is the operation process, with 12 or 16 branches of Youzhen junction angle synthesis of 45 degrees, once more pigment such as embroidery like pierce the skin, all controlled by hand, without electrical assistance.

What are the common methods of tattoo
In the use of the pigment, tattoo more water like pigment, weak viscous, embroider eyebrow pigment paste is used, strong adhesive, pigment is easy with the needle into the skin, it is easy to color. Also, the tattoo is at an angle of 90 degrees vertically put the needle in the skin, there will be some pain, but each into a limited number of color longer; eyebrow needle into a limit of 45 degrees into the depth of the skin, only embroidered into the subcutaneous 0.2-0.3 cm, which is less invasive, less painful, but due to the mixing the skin will not yellow, no discoloration. Time is relatively short. On the contrary, because the vertical tattoo needle inserted into the skin, easy to penetrate into the skin, if mistaken pigment deep into the pigment mixed with skin yellow, it will make the color green blue, not easy to remedy.
In addition, because many times tattoo is a single point to the whole eyebrow embroidery, so the effect will be relatively stiff and unnatural. The more points for each embroidered eyebrows are prone to soft natural effect. But from the permanent side, tattoo once and for all and only last 2-3 years eyebrow. Most scientists, repeated design, single line lets the price to enter the bottleneck.

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