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Eyebrow is likely to cause bleeding?

A lot of people who do not understand the eyebrow will ask how security will not eyebrow, bleeding etc.. In fact, in the original basis, make true hair feels like eyebrows, it is not in favor of such kind of tattoo eyebrow, more important is the emphasis on cross lines and lines of the eyebrows to reflect the sense of space, the actual change of lines to reflect reality, make the radial gap lines and lines of small line (similar to human hair follicles) to show the three-dimensional sense of the eyebrows.
eyebrow tattoo
This does not rule out some just know a little fur tattoo shop opened the crowd, so that customers will appear bleeding phenomenon, indeed because of this people will make the tattoo circles has been slow to rapid development. The real tattoo division to make eyebrows natural and vivid, within half a meter in resolution of not telling the truth, and for a long time will not fade phenomenon. After a eyebrow eyebrows from the hair follicles to grow, make you even a close look, find everything fresh and new, “and” the eyebrows are still true to life, natural and vivid, truly achieve the effect of the real ones. On the basis of eyebrow of individual character, occupation, style designed by the experts in the preoperative, and the technical requirements of expert tattoo is also very high, the tattoo should follow the direction of the growth of eyebrows, grasp the depth, density and skills, truly affordable shades, keep the lasting effect of beautifying eyebrow shape.

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