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Eyebrow Tattoo can not blindly follow the trend

We usually can see other people’s eyebrows how beautiful, but when used in their face word will suit you. In fact, the good eyebrow according to their facial features to set, if only the pursuit of cheap and does not consider the actual situation is bound to fail. General tattoo should pay attention as much as possible according to the subject’s own eyebrow to be modified, and combined with the shape, color, temperament and occupation into consideration, to avoid the “thousand and one eyebrow”.
eyebrow tattoo
We must avoid the filling, instead of a lot of places now, according to the growth of the eyebrows, make proper density, shade is appropriate, in order to achieve the natural appearance, long engaging effect. The tattoo must strictly abide by the aseptic operation. To do a tattoo needle needle, to avoid infectious diseases. The quality of liquid tattoo is very important. According to reports, the tattoo will cause epithelial cell granuloma lesions, the lesions may think this tattoo and medium carbon, titanium oxide, iron oxide and other impurities are related. People with allergies, do patch test before tattoo. To antibiotics in a topical ointment on eyebrow, prevent infection. The tattoo should avoid the menstrual period, in order to avoid the effect of bleeding. In the eyebrow, must follow the “rather short not long, rather pale not thick, not coarse fine Ning” principle, in order to give the day after the repair is left for grace. After the tattoo on the eyebrows is very difficult to modify. Must change, you need to wash the eyebrow”. Most scientists, repeated design, single line lets the price to enter the bottleneck, the traditional practice palliatives, give yourself 7 days to change, Asian tattoo embroidered reticulate to help you quickly improve occupation aesthetics.

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