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Five show eyebrow effect

Eyebrow embroidery expert said: if only the pursuit of cheap and does not consider the effect of eyebrow, is bound to fail. Our operating room not only daily strict disinfection, according to a person a request. In eyebrow operation, strictly follow the hygiene supervision and disinfection process, prevent infection, safe.

In the process of tattooing eyebrow once is not in accordance with the characteristics and the customer eyebrow shape design inevitably doomed to failure. Under normal circumstances is the first removal of the original eyebrows, eyebrow to lines from a new eyebrow, eyebrow when expression provoking, and a pattern eyebrow does not correspondingly move. At the same time, the two black bars from his eyebrows and tattooed on the skin, natural not to mention what the “three-dimensional”, so it is natural two stiff, eyebrows, and when removed the eyebrows to grow back after a “four” eyebrows. Another situation is due to the impact of customer seat and the light source and the eyebrow asymmetry caused by asymmetry of eyebrow in the design of a short, wide, high and low, has a narrow, such a pattern is the eyebrows is not symmetrical. The eyebrow and color effect. The eyebrow pigment has shades of brown, gray, black, brown etc., should be selected according to the hair and skin color. Oriental hair color often have several color mixing, a dark gray, a little dark brown. Therefore, the color of eyebrow liquid should not Yi, hair dark, darker skin with natural grey with one or two drops of black hair; yellow, the skin is white with natural grey with one or two drops of coffee. In the experiment, many beauticians just a single dark grey or black to embroider eyebrow, embroider eyebrow will this is not true and natural, and make the eyebrows appear dull and distorted.

In fact, for beginners, learning is the process of selling general:
1, the first step is the most important, the most basic step of studying aesthetics knowledge and cultivate aesthetic perception, learn to draw lines, good design, lay a good foundation, the Asian network of this kind of professional tattoo course;
2, you buy some products, PCD, IPM, Luxuries, gold rose, ancient product of these brands are relatively good, you buy some products, they will also teach you some basic usage, will also teach some basic operation technique;
3, you often practice exercises in the skin, then slowly in reality on the face of operation;
4, senior technical class, are you going to sign up learning, can not only stay in the basic technology Brand Company taught;
5, ordinary people can use half a guest.
Many teachers do not have to lay the foundation, even what is good and what is bad eyebrows, eyebrows are unable to distinguish clearly on the practice of practical operation, do you think you can do better?
A knowledge of teacher, are very basic, especially painting lines and design.

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