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How to design the eyebrow?

Here is not to speak of net  tattoo eyebrow design in the proportion of segmentation, appearance and style, is fortune, I simply from the eyebrow symmetry coordination for, this is the basic requirement in the design of eyebrow, practice also specifically targeted eyebrow symmetry homework exercises.
Through the system and hard work, you have a keen insight and strong error correction ability, this is any of the measurement tools can give you really belong to your own skills, you now just short of the experience and the phenomenon of unconventional reaction speed.


How long do tattoo eyebrow?

The design is usually to eyebrow box to the first picture frame setting, then draw frame width. This was with the usual make-up smeared a little different eyebrow design, we need to be more precise, the eyebrow edge clean and clear. In this way, not only can get the customer’s identity, but also facilitate our operation. I put the shape of technology is divided into three levels, the lower level is a painting style, Ms. daily makeup, general studio makeup, general Manicure makeup makeup shop basically is so called intermediate level; box type, which is commonly used in tattoo thrush method, it can operate in the operation of the eyebrow the exact expression; direct use of short arc combination to describe the senior level, so the operation design of eyebrow has been very much at home, no matter have keen insight about the symmetry of the collocation eyebrow or eyebrow and facial features. The latter is the operator of the demand is higher, if you don’t need to show, it is not necessary to do so, I think playing frame forming more quickly, after all, we began to practice is the use of this method. Eyebrow frame after painting, the eyebrow cutting sharp, draw fine lines inside shallow on the line, remember not to paste this line drawing, and later with a needle plate marking is a reason, even if the line paste operation failed. To pay attention to the point of painting it carefully, the guests do not know what just a few can be traced, because sometimes you have to speed up the time until the key operation. Eyebrow box is best not to wear too much eyebrow pigment, how much will otherwise have some effect on the production line, especially fine living. The best use of dark eyebrow pencil, pull, a blade must be thin and sharp, it will cut off the winter cartridge, refill hard pencil, easy off, easy blade gap, can think of a way to add proper heating, make slightly soft.


1, how to dilute the tattoo? Consider the human face of incomplete symmetry. Here the more obvious asymmetry, including their eyebrows, a convex and a flat one high and one low brow, eyes and a small (eyebrows from orbital wide narrow), temple side plump side sag. Meet this kind of guests, you can first truth, consultation between the two sides to design eyebrow, and strive to coordinate engaging, such, even if the customer back by others pick, she would argue that this is not my division problem.
2, consider the human facial expressions of the eyebrow. The influence of people’s facial expression is very rich, some people look different, such as frowning, laughter, strabismus, looking up under the condition of both sides of the eyebrow will produce large differences. Special attention is paid to the customer, the mirror may be due to perspective and feel about the difference of eyebrow. Therefore, the final setting should be based on the eyebrow in the relaxed state of the front head shall prevail, face observation, observation distance is about one meter.


3, consider the lying position and posture of the facial muscles. We are usually in the customer design eyebrow beauty lying in bed, not sit not painting, if you used to allow guests to sit to design, is actually more convenient for observation. But I think it would be better to let the guests lie down first, and guests feel comfortable and relaxed, secondly, the guest’s head is fixed, can not move around, we will be more convenient to write, to draw precise eyebrow. After painting the same eyebrow to let guests sitting up front observation, there are very few guests in lying and sitting when the facial muscles changes will affect the eyebrow symmetry, not surprisingly, can be adjusted.
How to cover the eyebrow eyebrow? Design process usually is the process of communication with the guests, the guests won the trust you largely won a good price. For some requirements of high technology, undecided customers design eyebrow when it is necessary to directly use lines to describe the customer, not fault, the transaction opportunity is big, visible, Kung Fu is not negative people!

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