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How to make a good tattoo occupation image

TattooNow the price is better than before the tattoo , the tattoo teachers in addition to more and more out of the study, the comprehensive ability gradually improve, all of its own brand image promotion is also more and more attention to. The stars and celebrities, models with a shadow A, do TV interview , Magazine interview Of course, this to establish their own brands Wenxiu very favorable, but many teachers are in the image according to the tattoo missing a piece, not in this investment, if only the technology is good, the customer may be a lot, If the shape is not a series of packaging and self – image The price will certainly not go. With my increasingly fierce market competition, in the near future, low price customers will also be affected, you think of a self image to build tall on the teacher, and you the same price, Customers who would it be ???

In the packaging building, do not think that a star, with the celebrity photo, there can be a champion title. The key is how to use your existing information system, build your tall image, the image is not only the appearance, of course, the appearance is also very important, so your occupation image is also very important, but many photographers studio, do not understand our industry, they do not know how to give you a real shot your occupation image!

Here, we have to share some small tattoo teacher build process experience for everyone here:

First of all, to other location before taking pictures, this is very important, what is your style, it will be like this, others see your image, I see, far from the character, style. If the contrast is large and disadvantageous.

Second, When taking pictures, posture, sometimes the photographer will tell how to swing, but beat out the effect is very unhappy, this is because of the tension. Is to take pictures when there is awareness of training yourself to address this difficulty, to take pictures not nervous. Of course, can also participate in the Asian tattoo day photograph elegant posture training camp, by our film star, supermodel Wang Yiyi teacher training (Figure).

Third, The characteristics, is to fully communicate with the photographer this occupation, let him take a sense of occupation, this is the most important, because the occupation as distinct from art photo, photo photo.

The image of the photos, you is how to do propaganda, this is more professional, you can use two thousand yuan to my Asian network, we can help you do the brochure, the entire industry is currently the most Asian tattoo has the ability, is also the most systematic help teacher to shape the brand tattoo our image.

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