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In the process of red eyebrow tattoo

Tattoo has become the most lasting beauty can maintain technology in nowadays, it is not mature in the early time, there will be a lot of blue, red eyebrow eyebrow, thick eyebrows and a failure. There are internal and external reasons for these things, now popular floating eyebrow achieved a leap from pigment and technology, can be good to avoid the red eyebrows, eyebrow blue phenomenon, is the best choice for a new generation of eyebrow embroidering.

In terms of color if you accidentally use some poor will cause harm to the consumer body, similar to a few years ago, the instability of pigment etc.. Another red eyebrows usually occurs in the eyebrow, with the passage of time due to some pigment will be ultraviolet light, the pigment and the body’s blood red pigment absorbs red, and red eyebrows. At the technical level there is often some bad teachers can’t master tattoo tattoo technique strength, embroidered too dark or light. Embroidered too deep place of excessive bleeding, blood stains and mixed together, later will be easy to redness. There is a final customer itself, according to each person’s physical condition, oily skin (exclusive of pigment) people, white complexion, hair color yellow, and received long-term ultraviolet irradiation, the probability of eyebrow redness will be relatively high. The new curriculum at Asia inside the network has introduced how to Wenxiu let the students through certain methods with their own aesthetic shaping works, to improve the division of technical or marketing from the tattoo can be help from different aspects of the course.

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