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Semi permanent eyebrows is good, but these people finish will be ugly!

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Semi permanent eyebrows is good, but these people finish will be ugly!

The ultimate effect of the tattoo, is determined by what?

My teacher?


Customer skin?

Repair and maintenance?

In fact, the four have.

And each one is the key.
For most consumers, technology and color selection of tattoo division requires a certain professionalism and luck, and the skin within a short time will not be changed.So, for consumers, is the most controllable maintenance repair period.
Tattoo, three points, seven points of maintenance.My division technology is very important, repair and maintenance period is also very important, to a great extent, depends on how much he can leave color ratio.

If, after you finish your eyebrows have the following behavior, leave color not please don’t blame my teacher.
The following customer, finished after the eyebrows is ugly, really can not blame my teacher!
First, after cleaning the bathroom, or indirect water!

Although there are many businesses after boasting eyebrows can immediately finish cleaning the bathroom, but responsible teacher told the customer: tattoo or if not you can not touch the water, do not water.If not carefully cleaning the bathroom, to immediately dry, avoid infection.Because a little common sense knows: the wound should be avoided so as to avoid water purulent infection.

You can still be customer in mind, this is really a lot of customers.Finish to bath, steam, eyebrows even went to the seaside!!For such customers, but also deep weakness, once the eyebrow infection leads to bad consequences, but you cry ~

Second, after the operation, eating seafood, big mouth to drink!

A wound on the body do not eat fat!This is common sense!Common sense!Even if the tattoo brings you only a small wound, the wound!

Finish the eyebrows went to eat Hesse Hu, what beef, seafood, what wine, liquor, eat a meal.Second days red inflamed eyebrows.Who is to blame?Who is to blame?

For this MM, I would say: short for your dietary restraint, 3~5 makeup beauty years worth?The answer is yes!On the other hand, eat Hesse Hu caused eyebrows swelling, or even leave a scar, I believe you will certainly regret life!

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