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Summarize the common about makeup

1, eyebrow dull very ugly, as oneself with eyebrow strokes.

Many women are now aware of the importance of the eyebrow, eyebrow will affect a person’s mental state, affect a person’s temperament, affect a person’s luck, you think the thrush technology is not enough, and not afraid of natural eyebrow, eyebrow effect floating now completely over the thrush effect, although the change from the previous eyebrow thrush now painted with the eyebrow brush, but still not up to the natural growth state of the eyebrows. Now the line is floating eyebrow eyebrow growth state, very real, no longer stay in color.

2, now popular floating lips, not natural.
It floats the lip has not previously effect, many people have drifted across the lips just don’t you see, now the first floats the lip does not float deep color, also won’t have obvious lip, because obviously not popular now the lip contour, focus on the texture and color of lip, very much female lip color dark or even black affected the personal image, people feel old, healthy enough. It floats the lip not swollen pain, to adjust to the natural state of rosy lips.

3, now there is no pattern liner.
Now does not have the tattoo, do now is hand-painted invisible eyeliner, no look line, it is important to painless operation, many women now have a black eye, looking eyes and mental state is not particularly good, invisible eyeliner is the best method of refreshing modification.

4, I usually do not make-up, do not need to do the most.
In fact, tattoo is a lasting makeup technology, is very suitable for no makeup makeup lady every day and do not want to choose, do not need makeup tattoo, the tattoo is now to modern life natural makeup effect lasting.

5, I am not old, not fit.
Now is the object of age 18-60 tattoo lady, a lot of people think that people grow old the most mature, now the tattoo is a very fashionable technology, make people more beautiful young more temperament charm makeup.

6, I do want to do now after the eyebrows, eyebrow changed? How old do?
In fact, one eyebrow is not change, but the design of a suitable for your eyebrow, now floating eyebrow technology is not permanent, do a 2-3 years time, long time natural metabolism off color, but not to the old.

7, there are a lot of eyebrows, do not need.
Now floating eyebrow lady basically has two kinds, one is less sparse eyebrows, eyebrows are the two looks like a lot, but the eyebrow is not good, not only is the lack of supplementary floating eyebrow eyebrows, more important is to adjust the design for your eyebrow, eyebrow, enhance their image quality.

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