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Tattoo failure can completely wash out?

Now for the tattoo color is not ideal, we can improve the eyebrow washing technology, a lot of people will be “eyebrow washing can be washed clean?” this is Amy very concerned about a problem. So, eyebrow washing can be washed clean? Now we Asian tattoo net We’ll take a look at specific.
First of all, to meet Tattoo failure symptoms , the most common are: eyebrow color is not ideal, the asymmetric shape and position on both sides of eyebrow, eyebrow, eye and face type, age, color coordination, black, coarse, fine, and even some ironic strange eyebrow. These situations, the tattoo can not only add beauty, but ugly, bring trouble and pain. In fact, the eyebrow this problem, it is not a new type of cosmetic surgery. Moreover, laser tattoo removal is a kind of beauty is a relatively simple method, this method is used to eliminate the effect of the past tattoo is not satisfied with the people.

The principle of laser tattoo removal by super pulse time millisecond, microsecond, laser can be instantly through the skin epidermis go deep into skin, make skin pigment particles inside the instant smash, smash the pigment particles will be human macrophages, slowly. Because the laser of specific wavelength can be reached through the epidermis and the dermis of pigment tissue lesions, only play the role of pigment granules, so the skin epidermis rarely damage even no damage to the skin texture without obvious damage, so the skin will not leave scars.
Therefore, the tattoo is can “wash”.

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