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The basic principle of eyebrow should follow

Introduce the basic principle of eyebrow should follow:
The basic principle of eyebrow should follow
1, healthy psychological adjustment
The elderly often accept tattoo technique, psychological burden is heavy. The trainer should require that its in the first tattoo, thrush, Xiumei, make the eyebrow satisfied after the tattoo, and patiently explain the subject of tattoo process, so that customers have enough psychological preparation, to ensure the normal operation of tattoo.

2, design the ideal eyebrow
Eyebrow design in the elderly, natural, generous, decent. Beautician according to the customer’s age, occupation, personality and other objective factors, quickly judge and conceived of a suitable eyebrow, and then carefully drawn and revised repeatedly with eyebrow pencil eyebrow position, radian and morphology, so based on the original eyebrow, draw a width, curvature, thickness and face, eyebrow the proportion of moderate and harmonious eyebrows. In the premise of the satisfaction of the parties, in excess of the eyebrow painted outside eyebrow eyebrow after cut off. Of particular note is that in the elderly due to sagging canthus skin, easy to cause the eyebrow ptosis feeling, the formation of splay eyebrow. So the elderly should not be too long and the eyebrow eyebrow tail should be slightly upward or parallel.

3, eyebrow liquid preparation.
In the preparation of the elderly and young people of different eyebrow liquid. The color should not be too deep, in principle, should be coordinated with the eyebrow hair color, because the elderly overall hair color is shallow, best with gray brown. Tattoo technique should be gentle, piercing the skin depth should not be too deep, such a pattern is the only realistic natural eyebrow.

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