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The eyebrow why so popular

tattoo eyebrow

Many women are eager to have a pair of willow like beautiful eyebrows, with the more and more human pursuit of beauty, modification of eyebrow beautification also appears to be more strict. To ensure the fidelity of the eyebrow must start with a good eyebrow design, first of all to the nearby Zamao away, with a little eyebrow tattoo machine designed to draw eyebrow hook. With the pigment from the pin slowly after implantation the dermis, eyebrows immediately highlight a three-dimensional. In addition to ensure the fidelity of the eyebrow is also very important, many teachers used to be used a piece of tattoo pigments, covered the whole eyebrow, this will give people an unnatural and stiff feeling, now the three-dimensional simulation embroidery and feather type, is a method of Wencheng hair appearance, the pursuit of simulation the stereo effect.

In this color before the general choice is the domestic manufacturers of raw materials, such as pigment in general will use a lot of change from black to blue, and easy to remove color. So modern pigments generally choose to choose from American or European countries. In fact, there are some hidden benefits of eyebrow eyebrow, because after every day do not have to spend time to make-up, simply trim Zamao part is sufficient, when eyebrow pigment painted to give clear feeling, can be said to be the “sublimation” pencil, but not because of sweat glands exuberant and lead removing color, melting makeup. For some people with sensitive skin should use a cotton swab dipped in water after disinfection wipe tattoo, general 3~4 times a day, and then wipe away the scab can not repair cream, hand to scratch, if it is winter within a week in summer 3 days of scab, scab.

As a new era of tattoo division in addition to enhance their basic technique but also pay attention to the change in trend, at the same time, service quality is to be vigilant to do.

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