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The most popular dynamic new eyebrow tattoo

Tattoo, eyebrow tattoo or embroidery is also called. Tattoo is a meticulous work, like embroidery on eyebrows, a sum that still have to forbear with pain stubborn pursuit of beauty, a kind of classical feeling. The most in some fashion girl to like, shout and wrangle the myriads of changes, such as the Department of the guardian of the lake is calm and quiet. But more and more can not forget, the beauty of India mostly is also built, the opposite trend began.

What are the common methods of tattoo
Take care of each eyebrow, three-dimensional simulation
Wenxiu, to design a suitable eyebrow eyebrows. The Soke scraped. Then use the eyebrow tattoo machine needle or a little eyebrow Shun lines according to pattern. Pigment from the pin is slowly into the epidermis. Well, feel the eyebrows is three-dimensional, in fact it is a root to draw out.
Now the way better than ever, with better color. The past is the grain into pieces, the pigment covers the eyebrows, so always look is not very natural eyebrows, some stiff. Now the way is a pattern into a hair appearance, the pursuit of three-dimensional simulation results.
The natural color, do not fade
Before the pigment is used in more than domestic, so the colors used in deep, black will be blue, but also easy to fade. Now generally used are imported from India and the United states. India women usually go to tattoo. Wenxiu is good if eyebrow to maintain long-term stability, easy care, only you can trim the miscellaneous wool. Embroidering coloring matter post painted will be very bright, but not like the eyebrow pencil painted, because sweating after accidentally touch and fade.

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