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The tattoo is good?

TattooTattoo so many people appreciate the beautiful eyebrows with joy, so many questions about the tattoo also attracted many people’s attention, so The eyebrow is good ? Tattoo tattoo safe? Well? Good or good eyebrow tattoo ? The beauty of the women there are a lot of questions, we let Asian tattoo net Simple questions for you to answer.

First of all we want to know the technical advantages of the tattoo, the tattoo method is to embroider a tattoo eyebrow shape, and then injected into the subcutaneous tissue of the pigment is about 0.2-0.3cm, the pigment attached to the skin, long do not fade, to achieve the purpose of beauty.

1, in the use of tools, the tattoo is 12 or 16 Youzhen with a 45 degree angle, once the more pigment such as embroidery like pierce the skin, all controlled by hand, without electrical assistance.

2, in the use of the pigment, tattoo pigment to use paste, strong adhesive, pigment is easy with the needle into the skin, it is easy to color.

3, tattoo short time, so the pain is very small. Tattoo needle is limited 45 degree angle into the depth of the skin, only embroidered into the subcutaneous tissue of about 0.2-0.3CM, which is less invasive, and because the skin will not yellow pigment gene mixed, and thus will not change.

4. There are many points for each eyebrow, are prone to soft natural effect.

5, but from the permanent side, will only maintain two tattoo to three years, if you want to follow the trend to change the image, tattoo is a wrong choice than.

From a technical point of view, eyebrow tattoo is really safe, it is indeed better than eyebrow, eyebrow than popular fashion. If there is doubt what the beauty of their words, welcome to Asian tattoo net Wenxiu teachers consult!

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