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To enlarge the eyes charm, elected attoo eyebrow

tattoo eyebrow

Our side will have a lot of women will choose to do some eyeliner, because the eyes are small, or because the eyes glazed and a series of problems, I think these women are very smart, the tattoo can let your eyes be magnified, let your eyes become god. If you have the tattoo is not very understanding, we have to please Beijing’s she munsu experts to introduce.

The tattoo also called grain eyelash line, in the normal eyelid sign and no real “eye”, only in the upper and lower eyelid in the gray line, so more precisely, the tattoo is actually along the palpebral margin and eyelash root to decoration, decoration is the result of the eyelash root showing patterns, contour more clearly, more layered and three-dimensional sense, so as to enhance the effect of eyes bright eyes of god. 35 to 40 eyes during the operation, the eye movement is one of the most important parts of life.

eyebrow tattoo

In our daily life, the mood of the passions, character, can be displayed by the eye. Eyes to eyes light no confusion, according to Lang, the pupil is correct, in high spirit, the main rich, failing to turn calamities into blessings, too. As more white than black or yellow red veins in the eye, mixed black and white, eyes dim, main dilapidated energy-saving poor yao.
Eyes and viscera interlinked, influence and kidney is more closely related, such as kidney strong, two orders will all take a person, as a symbol of vitality, vigor and so the thermometer is intelligent eyes. So the tattoo is very important, that is to get the tattoo tattoo division, when tattooed is required for tattoo division technology and beauty eye health.
The tattoo is very high requirements for tattoo division technology, not only have a wealth of experience, but also have the aesthetic good, because when the tattoo requires a combination of beauty in their skin color, eye shape, the factors of facial features when the desired color and tattoo tattoo the length of. At the same time it asked the tattooed beauty without any ocular disease, affecting the smooth progress of the tattoo. Therefore, the tattoo has high for tattoo and beauty of the requirements of teachers.

eyebrow tattoo1

Hope that through the above explanation, Amy can understand the need to pay attention to and should follow the principle of the tattoo problem, at the same time, he reminded the beauty when she’s have been tattooed, must choose a professional tattoo teacher detailed consultation, combined with the actual situation of their own choice of professional tattoo at the same time to ensure the effect of the tattoo, tattooed and its security.

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