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To enlarge your beautiful

A suitable eyebrow external appearance plays a key role, delicate eyebrow, face is also saved. Whether you choose to embroider eyebrow, or eyebrow, should pay attention to the fidelity. Eyebrow embroidery is a kind of technology which is popular in recent years. It is said that the more lifelike than eyebrow.
eyebrow tattoo1

Give every day to spend a lot of time, thrush the trouble of beautiful women, selling a good way to solve this problem. Expert advice is, whether you choose, or tattoo eyebrow, should pay attention to the fidelity. Because this thing will change with the eyebrows popular, so long as the eyebrows clean and health, there is no need to go to war. Master in medicine, and also called or tattoo tattoo. The first step and the tattoo is similar, we need to design a suitable eyebrow eyebrows. Then, around the eyebrows Soke scraped, and then use the eyebrow or eyebrow embroidery machine needle a bit by eyebrow embroidery. Pigment from the pin slowly into the dermis. Well, feel the eyebrows is three-dimensional, in fact it is a root to draw out. It is very important to aesthetics, is the previous lines into pieces, the pigment covers the eyebrows, so always look is not very natural eyebrows, some stiff.

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