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Zero distance contact semi permanent makeup makeup beauty is no longer a dream

The famous Dr. Sun Enling share the tattoo

The famous Dr. Sun Enling share the tattoo
In 2014, a wave of “drama you come from the stars”, “heirs” swept, had caused a variety of topics, in addition to fashion and pay attention to the quality of life, the hero and heroine to exquisite impeccable faces also envy.
Is the South Korean people are such a born beauty? Heaven ah! For those of us born “floor” bad people how to live!
You don’t worry, Xiao Bian today with a scientific spirit for everyone to decrypt these goddess makeup and God is how to develop.
Guan Lu teacher share tattoo Technology
Semi permanent makeup to create natural nude make-up
Han Guocai came to find these beautiful behind a magic weapon – semi permanent makeup. Semi permanent makeup is also a kind of micro shaping method, the use of technical means to combine theory to the naturalness of the makeup, makeup effect, and can be changed according to the trend, so popular.
Semi permanent makeup how to operate? Can remain for a long time? If everyone can do? With these questions, we interviewed South Korea facetouch semi permanent make-up high school dean Zhenxi.
South Korea as a semi permanent Association certification authority and director of semi permanent beauty education association of high Zhenxi president, committed to allow more women to experience the advantages of semi permanent beauty. In his view, semi permanent cosmetic surgery compared with traditional surgery, on the one hand to avoid the tedious process of makeup, makeup spend a few hours a day, on the other hand, not as old as eyebrow tattoo is permanent and cannot be changed. Not only saves time and effort, and postoperative effect is excellent, will be the future trend of micro plastic surgery.
Because of its high technology, many South Korean Star Is the makeup beauty effect is achieved by the high Zhenxi of semi permanent makeup.
Semi permanent operation need to skin injection material, will not affect your health? This high Zhenxi Dean said, micro plastic is plastic, must be to the regular place. Facetouch semi permanent make-up College as a professional organization in Korea’s premier, has always insisted on constantly updated semi permanent makeup according to personal preferences and personality, provide the most secure operation is the most accurate information, to the customer. First of all employees through professional training and evaluation before induction operation, give customers a guarantee from a professional degree and security. Secondly, the pigments and drugs all from the authority, after repeated testing procedures and countless times, through the security check anti allergy testing, no added preservatives, inorganic materials and nuclear magnetic resonance. The operation used in the equipment are disposable, do not need to worry about health problems.
Semi permanent makeup hot stimulating training needs
According to statistics, since the birth of semi permanent makeup, the market share will reach 50%, is beyond the traditional plastic surgery trend, a large number of customers and stimulate the market for semi permanent makeup professionals demand.
President Gao Zhenxi from the actual work concluded that the needs of the industry, from 2000 to the creation of facetouch semi permanent makeup Institute , FPMA is the South Korean special beauty center will of the certification authority and the most advanced German Amiea and American N.I.C training center, to continuously update the latest domestic combat techniques semi permanent make-up techniques teaching goal. He and his team developed training courses but also makes more and more China students came to Korea to study.
In order to allow more intuitive training, high Zhenxi Dean in December 2014, will be the first Facetouch semi permanent makeup course and is fast and secure 3N technology to Beijing, with the most comprehensive training courses for students Chinese. Students only through the internship and KCMA qualification audit thoroughly must pass before autologous test can be closure system, so as to make each FPMA graduates have become experts. Qualified as a make-up artist and physician, will be safe, beautiful semi permanent makeup to bring more people.

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