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Shading Blades for Eyebrow Microblading

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Double C15 shading blades for Ombre eyebrow microblading

Double C15 baldes is used for Ombre eyebrow microblading, Using this blades can be fast to finish the eyebrow.

the blades is one row with 7P and the other row is 8P,  after Finished Using 14W blades for outline, then Using Double C15 for Ombre eyebrow dots.

Medical Stainless steel 304


50pieces in a pack, each piece with EXP date and LOT no.,

Sterilzied by EO

Double C15 shading blades for Ombre eyebrow microbladingContinue reading

4 Hot Sale Disposable Manual Tattoo Pen For Microblading Makeup

Disposable Microblading Pen,Disposable Eyebrow Tattoo Pen,Disposable Shading Microblading Tools
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Share free from web,just free study. 1.Disposable Manual tattoo pen with 12 pins needles for Eyebrow Microblading The handtool with

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