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Medical Stainless Steel Derma Micro Needle Therapy Pen , 12 Pins Clear Cartridge Nano Pen Needles

Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Cartridge Needle Needle Material: Medical Stainless Steel
Depth: 0.25mm~2.0mm Weight: 2g
Derma Stamp Pen: 12 Needles Size: 4CM

Derma Micro Needle Therapy Pen , 12 Pins Clear Cartridge Nano Pen Needles​



1) Treatment Theory

Derma pen needle cartridge uses a knead rod inlayed with numbers of needles,combining with functional nutrition liquid,regularly rolling in the places which needed to cure.It can puncture more than 300,000 micro vessels on the epidermis within five minutes,forming an efficient nutrient delivery system between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue.Then the nutrition liquid can entry into skin effectively.Thus the effect of skin care become more perfect.Micro-needle therapy is effective, safe and reliable.It is convenient to operate the micro-needle.You can use it in outdoor activities including basking,but please note anti-sunburn supplies are needed.

2)  Advantages of needles cartridge

A. Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin

B. Gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste

C. Establish a direct transportation between skin and beauty product

D. Promote the skin metabolism

E. Improve the ability of wound healing and anti-aging

F. No side effect, safe and reliable

G. Simple operation

H. Effect is more remarkable than the general beauty products

I.  Cosmetic needle is your best choice for beauty and skin care treatments.

Product Specifications:

1) No cross infection/one-time disposable needle consumables.

2) Speed-faster than manual applications.

3) Short session times.

4)  Adjustable needle depth.

5) Minimal pain

6) Lightweight handpiece

7) Easy to use

8) Low cost consumable

9) User independent


Nano Needle can open 2 million channels on the surface of the skin in 5 minutes. Significantly enhance the skin absorption of nutrients,directly daub skin care products, the maximum absorption of less than 0.3%.

Using nano needle, absorption can be increased by more than 10 times,active substances work fast, arrived in deep skin tissue, balanced long-acting release.

Nano needle manufacturing technology is the ultimate micro-processing technology.

Its length is less than 120 microns, touch skin dot diameter less than 80 nano, is 1/100 of the skin cell gap, the length can be through the cortex,without touching bestrews nerve dermis. all of the opening pore, the skin will repair itself closed within 20 minutes.

Promote permeability using nanometer needles: safe, painless, noninvasive.



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