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Single Packed In Sterilization Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Micropigmentation Needles Tiny Cartridge

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Micropigmentation Needles Tiny Cartridge
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Needles Cartridge Packaging: Single Packed In Sterilization
Needle Material: 316 Medical Stainless Steel+PVC Feature: No Ink Flow Backwards
Material: Rubber Spring 100% Fits For: Tattoo Machine

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Micropigmentation Needles Tiny Cartridge


1)  Rubber Spring 100% No ink flow backwards

2)  Individually packed.

3)  Disposable, for single use only.

4)  Excellent stability, less vibration.

5)  Machine Derma Rolling System.

6)  Needle made of medical grade stainless steel.

7)  Sterilization certified by EO, complies with Government Sterilization Guidelines.

8)  High quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.


The safety cartridge needles fit on the Nouveau Contour  standard safety hand piece. For the protection of both the technician and the client, the System works unlike anything on the market today.

The needle and the needle “tube” are integrated in one disposable cartridge system. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand piece, which is therefore completely independent of the disposable cartridge and void of any possibility of cross-contamination.

When the cartridge is detached from the hand piece the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge, preventing an accidental “stick” to the technician, or client.


Treatment Theory

Cartridge needle uses a knead rod inlayed with numbers of needles,combining with functional nutrition liquid, regularly rolling in the places which needed to cure.

It can puncture more than 300000 micro vessels on the epidermis within five minutes, forming an efficient nutrient delivery system between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Then the nutrition liquid can entry into skin effectively. Thus the effect of skin care become more perfect.Micro-needle therapy is effective, safe and reliable.

It is convenient to operate the micro-needle. You can use it in outdoor activities including basking, but please note anti-sunburn supplies are needed.

Competitive Advantage:

Precise needle guidance

Optimized needle features

Sterilized disposable material

A large selection of needle heads

No contact with the “open” needle

Packaging in the clean-room and lot tracking

A quick color change and change of needle combinations

A wide range of needle combinations allows for both the drawing of very fine lines as well as small body tattoos.

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Micropigmentation Needles Tiny Cartridge


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