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Shading 3 Prong is a easy and safe use blade


 Name #3Round Shading Blade
Item No. SW – 04
Needle 3 prong
Material Stainless steel
Packing Individually packed
MOQ 50 pieces


1) with 30prong needle , safe used for shading brows

2) Can be used on any microblading pen

3) Sterilized by EO

4) Very easy to operate

5) Disposable, for single use only.

6) Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.

We supply big variety sizes for your choice .

If you need any special designed blade,just show to us,we will realize for you .


Shading 3 Prong is a easy and safe use blade for eyebrow permanent makeup embroidery shading.

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